you'll only get your wings wet

A thing happened on campus



So my name is Joey White and I’m a very pasty pale British white guy at uni overseas. So I was introducing myself and this guy from Nigeria goes “Hi, I’m Joseph” so I said, “I’m a Joseph too! Joseph White.” Then he looked me in the eye and said in a dead serious tone “I’m Joseph Brown” and we nearly died.

oh dear god

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Searching for kpop blogs!


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the motivational story of park chanyeol


chanyeol is my inspiration. why?

not because of his talent but…


he looks like the biggest loner


he’s almost always 3rd wheeling




he’s been refused by kyungsoo 3 times and is a confessed kai sasaeng but jongin is too infatuated with kyungsoo to notice


even baekhyun the biggest loser got the girl of his dreams and ditched the pathetic fucker

but “no matter how hard it is i smile like an idiot”

true fucking role model

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"boy i’m in a great mood!"

"oh, please. you can’t REALLY be in a great mood. there are people out there who just got raises. people just got married. people are being reunited with their families right now. how dare you say you’re happy."

The equivalent of someone saying you can’t be sad because other people have it worse than you.


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